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Owner/ Artist - Tony Rosei

Born and raised on the east coast, with origins primarily from New York,
Florida, and New Jersey,
Tony appreciates life being lived to the fullest while having an exuberant outlook on life. He enjoys his time working but when away from his art also likes playing billiards, swimming, going on nature walks, and winding down to a good movie. Most of these activities he partakes in are shared with his loving dog, Omega. He quotes, "Tattooing is my passion and my life, it's not about the money. I could create body art for the rest of my life and have absolutely no regrets."


Tony has explored his passion for tattooing in various parts of the country. Through out these travels he has expanded his skill set and knowledge of the tattoo world. Collectively tattooing for over eleven years, he has worked in various shops, thus creating his wide variety of experience in multiple tattoo techniques. These previous establishments were known as Inkslingers in New York, Inkspot Tattoos in Florida, and Inkwell in New Jersey. With all of the experience Tony has gathered throughout the years, his dream was to develop a shop with pride that truly became a landmark for the community. With this passion and dream he has inherited a previously owned shop thus creating Skin Alternative Tattoo as a "Home away from Home" for all cliental.


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